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Innovation Network
16.10.13 mh Stephen Fear's Lecture 21
Welcome to Innovation Network

Cardiff is the 5th university nationally on rankings based on quality and the 2nd nationally on rankings based on impact.

What the Innovation Network does

  • Premium networking events
  • Connecting people : business to university : business to business
  • Collaborative funding options
  • Finding experts
  • Access to specialised facilities

The business team deals with a wide range of enquiries: from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to consultancy work and collaborative projects.

We work with organisations of every size - from early stage fledgling start-up companies to large global corporations, not-for-profit and public organisations - to help bring solutions to business challenges.

Learn more about our Business collaboration via this short video

25 Aug @MyKindaFuture @ICAEW the link doesn't work sorry
23 Aug Free Employment Law Master Class, 1st Sept Cardiff by @Avensure - SME or start up needing support, check it out https://t.co/wGWRfp1uPu
11 Aug @edavies1980 @innovateuk @WelshGovernment best check direct with innnovate UK - Customer Support Team 0300 3214357/support@innovateuk.gov.uk
Case Studies
GAMA Healthcare Ltd
How the University collaborated with GAMA Healthcare on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to develop clinical wet wipes to help tackle hospital 'superbug' infections.
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