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Innovation Network
16.10.13 mh Stephen Fear's Lecture 21
Welcome to Innovation Network

What the Innovation Network does:

  • Premium networking events
  • Connecting people : business to university : business to business
  • Collaborative funding options
  • Finding experts
  • Access to specialised facilities
Cardiff University Open for Business
The business team deals with a wide range of enquiries: from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to consultancy work and collaborative projects.
31 Mar Cardiff spin-out Alesi Surgical secures £2.1m to develop Ultravision. http://t.co/8Nyg8eUOU5 http://t.co/oubTc6w98t @cardiffuni
31 Mar Hear 4 viewpoints on Clinical Innovation - inc the NHS and a local business - in Cardiff on the 6th May. http://t.co/XkBt1A5vkx
31 Mar Saving cyclists' lives with glow-in-the-dark LifePaint - from Volvo, Albedo100 & Grey London. http://t.co/dOr8NjbvZv @WiredUK
A Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Cardiff School of Dentistry, Welsh Government and Public Health Wales led to the implementation of a campaign, designed to reduce alcohol misuse and alcohol-related injuries across Wales.
Cardiff School of Medicine won the Medical Breakthrough Award for two collaborations - in the fields of bowel cancer and prostate cancer - in the 2014 Innovation & Impact Awards.
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