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Innovation Network
16.10.13 mh Stephen Fear's Lecture 21
Welcome to Innovation Network

What the Innovation Network does:

  • Premium networking events
  • Connecting people : business to university : business to business
  • Collaborative funding options
  • Finding experts
  • Access to specialised facilities
Cardiff University Open for Business
The business team deals with a wide range of enquiries: from Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to consultancy work and collaborative projects.
21 Aug Enhancing the level of military medical care - SBRI competition opens 3rd September. http://t.co/kk9gxulbPa @innovate_uk sbri
21 Aug Improvements to forensic processes - SBRI competition starts 1st September. http://t.co/gw1X7FsI2I @innovate_uk sbri
20 Aug Solar energy that doesn't block the view - the transparent luminescent solar concentrator. http://t.co/dymehlNcgW @ScienceDaily
Ford blue oval badge
Case Studies
Ford Motor Company
Helping Ford address technological and operational issues via KTP's.
Learn more about Cardiff University's collaborations.
Asalus Medical Instruments and Cardiff School of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education have won The People's Choice Award for their development of Ultravision, a revolutionary new technique for handling smoke produced during laparoscopic surgery.
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