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Ford Motor Company

When Ford Motor Company asked if we could help address technological and operational issues related to their engine production, our solution was to create a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the company.

This meant placing a post-graduate with the company for two years, as a KTP Associate, to tackle this specific business challenge, mentored by a member of our academic staff, from the School of Computer Science & Informatics.
Ford blue oval badge

The KTP resulted in the implementation of a modern, data-warehouse based system of reporting for the Ford engine plant in Bridgend, resulting in improved production processes and savings in time, efficiency and costs of £220k. Key elements of these outcomes are now being further developed and rolled out across Ford’s sites.   

Based on this success, Ford decided to place another three KTP’s with us, this time- using expertise from our School of Engineering - resulting in a total of four Knowledge Transfer partnerships worth approximately £500,000.   Ford has also signed a joint working agreement with Cardiff University to explore further projects and has selected us as one of ten universities to offer Blue Oval Scholarships, which are helping to support a new generation of UK scientists.   

Martin Everitt, Bridgend Plant Manager at Ford explained how “the collaboration has allowed the company to undertake a more strategic approach to solving business issues rather than a day-to-day ‘fire fighting’ approach which has resulted in long-term gains, financially, environmentally and operationally. Promoting these innovations across Ford globally will deliver further great savings to the business as well as promoting the work of the Bridgend plant to the company."   

Universities can provide business with vital competitive edge in a cost-effective way.  Many collaborative projects attract generous funding, for example KTP’s are part-funded by the Technology Strategy Board.  

Further Information
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP's)
Ford man and engine
Ford 2 engines buffering 2
Ford Jianhua Shao
Professor Jianhua Shao, Cardiff School of Computer Science & Informatics
21.05.13 mh 2013 Innovation Awards 45
Professor Roger Whitaker & Professor Phil Bowen, Cardiff University and Martin Everitt, Ford Motor Company
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