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Business Opportunities in Low Carbon
Wednesday 19 May 2010
Left to Right: Huw Jenkins, Centre for Research in the Built Environment; Professor Peter Pearson, Low Carbon Research Institute; Professor Adrian Harwood, Cardiff School of Biosciences; John Bruce, Branching Out.


Professor Peter Pearson,
Director, Low Carbon Research Institute
Cardiff University

Case Study

John Bruce, Branching Out
Huw Jenkins, Centre for Research in the Built Environment
Cardiff University


  • Which low carbon technologies will be driving our future economy
  • Developments in zero carbon built environment, photovoltaics, large scale power generation, marine, hydrogen and bioenergy
  • How businesses can benefit from linking to these innovative developments
  • Q&A session

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Total number of people registered: 144
Total number of people attending:  116 (81% of those registered)

Presentations & Screencasts

Prof Peter Pearson - Part 1
Prof Peter Pearson - Part 2
Prof Peter Pearson - Part 3
Prof Peter Pearson - Part 4
John Bruce & Huw Jenkins - Part 1
John Bruce & Huw Jenkins - Part 2

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