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Environment: Energy: Renewables
New Business Opportunities
Wednesday 18 April 2007
John Loughhead,
Executive Director, UK Energy Research Centre


  • Britain’s “Energy Gap”: challenge, opportunity or both?
  • Business opportunities resulting from innovative, developing technologies
  • Fundamental changes to energy availability and use; how can your business profit?
  • Benefit through exploiting existing technologies
  • How your business can gain advantage from future energy priorities


This event trained the spotlight on market opportunities for new and existing businesses offered by the need to address the UK’s looming energy gap.

Sources of energy are becoming less available and more expensive, but demand for power shows little sign of declining. Ensuring a secure, affordable and environmentally acceptable supply of energy opens up exciting opportunities for businesses ready to exploit both existing and innovative new technologies, especially in the areas of renewable and low-carbon energy and the design of energy systems.

John Loughhead, author of the authoritative, multidisciplinary report “How to Plug the Energy Gap”, gave an overview of the future of energy in the UK and highlighted the challenges involved in bringing about the fundamental changes required in the production, demand and use of energy. John illustrated that the future of energy is not just a threat for your business but that it also offers multi-dimensional opportunities.

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John Loughhead

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