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The Path to Collaborative Business Innovation
Thursday 02 July 2009
P7020073, Innovation MarketPlace 2009
Our 2009 Innovation MarketPlace morning event featured three keynote speakers on co-working opportunities for innovative businesses in the South Wales region.


  • Breakfast Networking
  • Spotlight Displays
  • Presentations
  • Q&A Panel
  • Workshops
The workshops were led by Sony, EADS and Welsh Assembly Government and offered the opportunity for more in depth discussion with the presenters.  Delegates were able to explore partnering with these leading companies and find out more about funding and other support for business innovation. Delegates could attend one of these workshop sessions.

Sony: Steve Dalton developed areas raised in his earlier presentation and discussed opportunities for collaboration with Sony. Team members from Sony were present to discuss a variety of themes, under the areas of Corporate, Manufacturing and Technium.

EADS: Ian Risk enlarged on the role of EADS Innovation Works, discussd possible collaborative opportunities for Welsh businesses and took questions during this open workshop session.

Welsh Assembly Government: Jeff Jones and his Innovation Manager colleagues held individual 1-1 sessions with delegates, and advised further on funding and support for business innovation.

Delegate Feedback

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Total number of people registered: 150
Total number of people attending: 119 (79% of those registered)

Further Information

Sony UK Technology Centre
EADS Innovation Works UK
Business Innovation, Welsh Assembly Government


Jeff Jones: Introduction
Jeff Jones: FS4B
Jeff Jones: Business Innovation Programme
Jeff Jones: Business Innovation Process
Jeff Jones: New Product Development
Jeff Jones: Design & Manufacturing
Jeff Jones: IP & Commercialisation

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