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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and other Business Development Opportunities
Wednesday 04 December 2013
A KTP forms a partnership between a business and Cardiff University, enabling you to access skills and expertise to help your business develop. A recently qualified graduate or postgraduate is recruited to work on the project and to transfer knowledge from the university to the business. Benefits include: increased profit, enhanced capacity and an increase in the skills of existing staff.
The evening was chaired by Professor Karen Holford, College of Physical Sciences and Engineering. The other speakers were: Nick Battersby, Managing Director, Reid Lifting; Professor Omer Rana, Cardiff School of Computer Science and Informatics; and Harsha Sinai, KTP Associate, GAMA Healthcare.

The Q&A Session included representatives from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and High Performance Computing Wales (HPC) and Cardiff University's Business Development Team.


Total number of people registered: 118
Total number of people attending:   84 (71% of those registered)

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Howard Nicholls
Nick Battersby
Prof Omer Rana
Harsha Sinai
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