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Stronger Together?
Business & University Collaboration
Wednesday 13 October 2010
L to R: Prof Kevin Morgan, Cardiff University; David Rosser, CBI Wales; Paul Orders, Cardiff Council; Dr Grahame Guilford, SEWEF; Douglas Friedli, Wales Business Insider and Prof Hywel Thomas, Cardiff University.

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In association with Wales Business Insider.


This Question-Time  style event looked at Business and University collaboration during these "turbulent times", with a focus on the Cardiff City Region.  A panel of local experts answered questions pre-submitted by delegates when they registered.


Dr Grahame Guilford, South East Wales Economic Forum
Professor Kevin Morgan, City & Regional Planning, Cardiff University
Paul Orders, Corporate Director, Built Environment, Cardiff Council
David Rosser, Director, CBI Wales

Chaired by: Douglas Friedli, Editor, Wales Business Insider
Hosted by:   Professor Hywel Thomas, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Engagement & International, Cardiff University

Delegate Feedback

Answers are out of 5
How did you rate the meeting overall?
Average answer = 4.0 (2010 average: 4.0)


Total number of people registered: 122
Total number of people attending:    94 (77% of those registered)


Introduction & Question 1: How important is it that the capital should be a key engine for growth in Wales and what is the relevance of the city region?
Mr Robert Chapman, Director, Robert Chapman & Company.

Question 2: Over the last two decades considerable political and tax funded capital has been invested in fostering relationships between the worlds of Welsh academia and business. What do you believe are the major successes of this approach to public policy?
Mr Ian Courtney, Charity Bank.

Question 3: What can businesses offer academia in return for access to the latest knowledge and developments in a particular field?
Mr James Lewindon, Head of Projects, Techniquest.

Question 4: How relevant are current university research agendas for the needs of Cardiff area business?
Professor Ian Hargreaves, School of Journalism, Cardiff University.

Question 5: What impact can Welsh Assembly Government policy-making realistically have on driving up business collaboration with universities?
Mr Ben Cottam, Head of ACCA Cymru Wales.

Question 6: Following years of higher education expansion are we in fact producing too many graduates with the wrong skills/attributes for the UK/worldwide business marketplace?
Professor Phil Stephens, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University.

Audience Keypad Responses

Delegates were provided with audience keypads and asked to answer four questions. The total (anonymous) responses were then displayed to the audience on a large screen.

A. Where should we concentrate our efforts to generate growth?
1. Cardiff itself:  20%
2. Cardiff City region:  50%
3. Wales in general:  19%
4. Build links with Southwest England:  11%

B. What are the potential benefits of collaboration?
1. Sharing knowledge & new ideas:  79%
2. Saving time:  7%
3. Sharing facilities:  6%
4. Reducing cost & risk: 8%

C. What do you think is the biggest barrier to Business & University Collaboration?
1. Compatibility of Cultures:  70%  
2. Time:  12%
3. Cost: 18%  
4. There is no real need:  0%

D. Who needs to work harder to get collaboration to work?

1. Universities:  22%
2. Businesses:   4%
3. Welsh Assembly Government:  6%  
4. A combination of all 3:  68%

Further Information

CBI Report: Sept 2009: Stronger Together
CBI Report: Aug 2010:  Business-University collaboration for research & innovation

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