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Cardiff University Innovation & Impact Awards

The 15th Cardiff University Innovation & Impact Awards, on the 21st May 2013, celebrated the links and successful collaborations forged between the University and industry.  Details of our four winning collaborations are below - see also the news story and press release.

Innovation & Impact Awards 2013


BBC Trust and Cardiff School of Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies

The Regional Impact Prize for 2013 was given to a research project that changed the way the BBC reports on political issues post-devolution.

Regional Impact Prize

21.05.13 mh 2013 Innovation Awards 6
Further information:
Regional Impact Prize

DECIPHer Impact Ltd; Cardiff School of Social Sciences; University of Bristol

This collaboration between Cardiff School of Social Sciences; the University of Bristol and DECIPHer Impact Ltd has helped to reduce the uptake of smoking among adolescents.     

Innovation in Healthcare Award

21.05.13 mh 2013 Innovation Awards 33
Further information:
Innovation in Healthcare Award

Ford Motor Company Ltd; Cardiff School of Engineering; Cardiff School of Computer Sciences & Informatics

This collaboration between Ford Motor Company and Cardiff University’s Schools of Engineering and Computer Science & Informatics addressed technological and operational issues at Ford’s engine plant in Bridgend.

Business Innovation Prize

21.05.13 mh 2013 Innovation Awards 62
Further information:
Business Innovation Prize

South Wales Police and Cardiff School of Social Sciences

The Universities’ Police Sciences Institute (at Cardiff School for Social Sciences) worked with South Wales Police to help change the way that police respond to crime and disorder within communities.

Award for Social, Cultural or Policy Impact

21.05.13 mh 2013 Innovation Awards 22
Fusion IP Compressed
“The research conducted at leading universities such as Cardiff is an important driver of innovation. Fusion’s whole focus is to help the University turn world class research into business success. Key is the ability to work as a team. This is why we directly align our interests with those of the University, making it a partner in our business. Fusion is therefore delighted to be on the team and to support tonight’s Innovation Network Awards.” David Baynes, Chief Executive Officer, Fusion IP.

“Innovation is key to successful business and about much more than just developing new products or processes: it is about understanding and embracing change in everything that we do. Most of us benefit massively from collaborating with others. The Innovation Network Awards are about celebrating the important collaborations and partnerships that led to innovation. Geldards LLP, is delighted to be involved with and to support these awards.” Ceri Delemore, Partner and Head of Intellectual Property at Geldards LLP.
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